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Palencia Cathedral

Palencia Cathedral is one of the city’s monuments to its rich history. It is known as ‘La Bella Desconocida’ (The Beautiful Unknown One). Perhaps it is because of the treasures inside the cathedral that it has been given such a curious title. El Greco’s ‘St. Sebastian’ is just one of the valuable paintings to be found here.
photo: public domain (Fmanzanal)
photo: public domain (Fmanzanal)
photo: public domain (allmennheten)
photo: public domain (Zarateman)
photo: public domain (Zarateman)
photo: public domain (Zarateman)
El Greco’s ‘St. Sebastian’ photo: public domain

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Salamanca Cathedral

The New Cathedral is one of a pair, aptly named Catedral Nueva (new) and Catedral Vieja (old).  They are physically connected to each other -the new one was begun in 1513 when it was decided that the old cathedral wastoo small. The Catedral Vieja was started in the 12th century in Romanesquestyle. It was completed a century later and one of its main attractions is itshighly intricate 15th-century altar – the work of Nicolás Florentino. TheCatedral Nueva was built in late Gothic style with Renaissance and Baroquedecoration. Inside there are eighteen chapels but the Capilla Dorada is thebest, housing as it does over a hundred sculptures.


Ronda in photographs

Ronda is located in one of the most dramatic locations in Europe – perched 750 metres above sea level, on an inland plateau, sliced in half by the 100-metre deep Tajo gorge.

The town is a photographer’s dream – or a nightmare if there is insufficient film or lack of space on the digital camera’s memory card. Throughout Ronda there are delightful buildings like the ‘Palacio de Mondragón’ and the Casa del Marqués de Salvatierra’.

Casa del Marqués de Salvatierra

Palacio de Mondragón









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Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Barcelona’s La Sagrada Familia is an example of the brilliantly inventive work of Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudí.

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Robert Bovington
March 2012


Andalucía in photographs

Andalucía is the southernmost region of mainland Spain. It is the land of bullfighting, flamenco and gypsies. It is the land of high sierras, charming white villages and magnificent cities.

Check out my Panoramio site for photos of this great region.

Robert Bovington
March 2012

Almería Cathedral

The ‘Cathedral’ is one of the principal monument in Almería. It was designed as a place of prayer and of war, when it was built in the sixteenth century. This was because the shores of Almería were continually under attack from Turks and Berbers and so it was designed as a place of refuge as well as worship. It was built in a Gothic style with a Renaissance façade.
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Robert Bovington
March 2012

The beautiful Alpujarras

almond blossom nr Albondón


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The beautiful Alpujarras

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